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The new Rheem furnace lineup offers Industry-first patented features that are built to be second to none. With 360 +1 engineering, Rheem has thought of everything from top to bottom, inside and out, from every angle and then some. Every aspect of this new design is focused around making it the most comfortable, most efficient, most reliable, and most serviceable furnace on the market. It's the smart choice for the smart homeowner.

The Rheem R92P Classic Series is the basic high efficiency work horse of the lineup. Built to deliver value at 92% AFUE, this single-stage furnace carries the same comfort and reliability that you've come to expect from a Rheem. Don't let the term "basic" fool you though, the new design is built with safety and reliability features like the Rheem-Exclusive PlusOne ignition system and water management system and the Industry-First PlusOne diagnostics system. Furnace includes a 20-year heat exchanger warranty and a conditional 10-year parts warranty.

The Rheem R95T Classic Plus Series is built with the same function and reliability as the R92P, but with an increased efficiency of 95% AFUE, and a high efficiency variable speed ECM motor. This single-stage furnace is going to deliver the same relative comfort level as the R92P, but with less gas and electrical consumption. As and added benefit, the R95T adds a lifetime heat exchanger warranty to the conditional 10-year parts warranty. This is also the minimum furnace to qualify for the Montana ENRG-C Tax Credit of up to $1000. *See more details below.


The Rheem R96V Prestige Series is going to bring you into a new level of comfort and efficiency. This is a 96% efficient two-stage furnace with a high efficiency variable speed ECM motor. When we size a furnace for your home, the Btu rating is based on the coldest days of the year, which is about -40 in the Gallatin Valley, every other day of the year, the full capacity is overkill and wasting energy. The R96V will deliver the full 100% capacity when the need arises, but it will deliver comfort and savings the rest of the year at a lower, quieter, and more comfortable second stage of 70% capacity. This will create fewer temperature swings because the furnace will not "short cycle" on the milder days of the year and that means a higher level of quiet comfort in every part of your home. Rheem adds to the conditional 10-year parts warranty and the lifetime heat exchanger warranty with a conditional 10-year unit replacement warranty. *See Rheem warranty details for more information.


The Rheem R97V and R98V Prestige Series Furnaces offer the ultimate in quiet comfort, efficiency, and reliability, giving you the peace of mind that you deserve. These are fully capable, fully modulating furnaces, and while this technology may seem new to the competition, Rheem was the original developer and patent holder on this technology for gas furnaces in the 90's and remains the industry leader in reliability on this technology. As I'm sure you've figured out by now, the R97V and R98V have an efficiency of 97%-98% with a high efficiency variable speed ECM motor, but that's not the impressive part. We spoke of the benefits of 2-stage above, here, a Rheem R97V/R98V Fully Modulating system delivers an ultimate 13-stage capacity with the Rheem EcoNet communicating thermostat. What the means is that this furnace will deliver down to 40% capacity and modulate in small increments all the way back up to 100% capacity as your home demands it. It delivers the exact amount of heat at the exact time that it needs it. No more, no less. Already the quietest furnace on the market, the new patented heat exchanger design provides improved airflow, allowing the quietest furnace on the market to be 20% quieter than before. Since Rheem developed this technology back in the 90's they have built it with the highest level of dependability in mind. Factory testing has shown the competitors to have a higher fail rate by as much as 30%. With the R97V/R98V Rheem delivers the ultimate level of quiet comfort, efficiency, reliability, and warranty.

On top of the conditional 10-year parts warranty available with all Rheem equipment, this furnace comes, not only with a lifetime heat exchanger warranty, they've added a conditional lifetime unit replacement warranty to the original residential owners. This means that if you buy this furnace, not only will you have the best that the industry has to offer, if the heat exchanger ever fails, Rheem will replace the entire furnace under warranty. It doesn't get any better than that! *See Rheem warranty details for more information.

TAX CREDITS AND REBATES: The R95T, R96V, R97V, and R98V meet the minimum requirements for the Montana ENRG-C tax credit of 25% up to $500 per individual or up to $1000 if filing jointly in Montana. There are also utility company rebates and federal tax credits that may be available, depending on your personal situation. *Check with your CPA or utility company for your personal qualifications.